Some Frequently Asked Questions ?

Gemstone testing is the process of examining and analyzing gemstones to determine their authenticity, quality, and characteristics. It is important because it helps verify if a gemstone is genuine, assesses its value, identifies any treatments or enhancements, and provides valuable information for buyers, sellers, and collectors.

Gemstone testing laboratories utilize a variety of scientific methods and instruments to assess gemstone authenticity. These methods include visual examination, magnification, spectroscopy, refractometry, and more. By conducting these tests, experts can determine if a gemstone is natural or synthetic, and if it has been treated or enhanced in any way.

Our gemstone testing laboratory offers a range of services, including gemstone identification, authenticity testing, treatment analysis, origin determination, grading and certification, and consultation services. We aim to provide comprehensive and accurate information about gemstones to assist our clients in making informed decisions.

To submit your gemstone for testing, you can either visit our laboratory in person or follow our secure online submission process. Detailed instructions on packaging, shipping, and required documentation will be provided to ensure the safe arrival of your gemstone.

The duration of the testing process depends on the complexity of the gemstone and the specific tests required. Typically, it takes between 3 to 10 business days to complete the analysis. However, certain gemstones or specialized tests may require additional time. We strive to provide accurate results in a timely manner.

Our gemstone testing laboratory has the expertise and equipment to test a wide range of gemstones, including diamonds, colored gemstones (such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds), pearls, and more. Our gemologists are experienced in handling various gemstone types and are equipped to perform comprehensive analyses.

Our gemstone testing reports are comprehensive and detailed. They typically include gemstone identification, authenticity assessment, measurements (such as weight, dimensions), descriptions of physical properties (such as color, clarity), treatment disclosure, origin determination (if applicable), and any additional observations or recommendations by our gemologists.